SPINS Analysis Confirms: Products at Fresh Thyme Market with ELi Codes® on their shelf tags outperformed their respective categories by more than 3X!

Based on SPINS retail sales data for Fresh Thyme Market, products merchandised with Smart Shelf Tags™ outperformed their respective categories by more than 3X!


Smart Shelf Tags are retail shelf tags equipped with patented ELI Codes, that when scanned by a smartphone, display rich and exciting digital content such as videos, PDFs, web content, images, and product content & attributes to engage and educate in-store shoppers.


Smart Shelf Tags also support retailers by providing an effective and inexpensive way for suppliers to train their retailer’s in-store associates to help make them more knowledgeable and passionate about the products they sell.


Smart Shelf Tags demonstrate how important shopper education and engagement truly are at retail.  This study confirmed that retail items equipped with Smart Shelf Tags dramatically outgrew their categories.


The comprehensive analysis was based on retail sales of items at Fresh Thyme Market for the twelve-months ending 10/3/2021 by comparing unit growth of items displaying Smart Shelf Tags to items that do not.  By focusing on unit movement and growth compared to their respective categories, influences such as price fluctuations and seasonality were minimized.


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