What We Do

Cornerstone for Natural™ helps companies in the natural product space be more efficient, productive, decisive and profitable by connecting their disparate business systems and functions through a fully integrated, enterprise-wide, modular software solution.

Cornerstone for Natural™ is the Natural Product Industry’s exclusive Business Management Software solution. Like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, except enhanced with exceptional reporting and analytic capabilities, Cornerstone for Natural™ brings control, security, accountability, and commonality to the computer systems that run your business.

Gone are the days of:

  • Re-keying data from one application to another
  • Waiting weeks or months for financial reports
  • Inaccurate inventory/production forecasts
  • Lacking timely and reliable information and analytics to make sound decisions
  • Outdated and inflexible accounting and business systems
  • Running your business on spreadsheets, trackers and forms
  • Inferior distribution technology
  • Sub-optimal manufacturing systems

Cornerstone for Natural™ is built on SAP®, the world’s largest and most secure business application software, tailored for the needs and priorities of the natural product industry, delivered as either a cloud-based or an on-premise solution, and priced for startup to mid-sized businesses (scalable up to very large enterprises). [Learn More >>]

There are plenty of distractions and obstructions in your business impeding sales, sapping profits and preventing you from pursuing your passions (the very reasons you do what you do). We help by providing world-class Business Management Software to bring efficiency to your systems and actionable information to your operations. We reduce double-entry, tracking sheets, reporting delays, out of stocks, over-stocks, and excuses.

Successful Businesses Overcome Challenges, We Help

We help our clients sell more, spend less and focus on their passion... again.

There are many reasons to talk to us. Here are the most common:

Plagued by Chargeback and Deduction Processing

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Inaccurate Inventory/Production Forecasts

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Lacking Timely and Reliable Data to Make Decisions

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Inadequate Personnel and Benefits Management Systems

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Manually Re-Entering Data From One System to Another

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Buried in Spreadsheets, Trackers, and Forms

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Outdated Accounting or Planning Software

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Ill-Prepared for a New Large/Demanding Client

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Planning a Capital Infusion or Change of Ownership

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Burdened by Compliance Issues

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Losing Business Due to Inflexibility

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Growing Faster Than Your Business Systems Can Support

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We understand that when your business functions aren’t connected, your business suffers. Whether you try to bridge the gap with rogue spreadsheets, manual entry and reconciliation, data imports and exports, or you’ve just given up completely on having the information you need to make important, timely decisions – you are running sub-optimally.

We help our clients pursue their passion by bringing efficiency to their systems and actionable information to their operations. We reduce double-entry, tracking sheets, reporting delays, out of stocks, over-stocks, and excuses.

We simplify the often-confusing process of selecting and implementing a world-class Business Management Software or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. We don’t use fancy jargon to try to impress you. Instead, we dig in with you and help you have the best experience possible.

We commit to our clients and work closely with them from the very beginning until the project is one hundred percent completed; at which time we move into maintenance mode. Many of our clients have been clients for over thirty years!

We are your single point of contact. We assess, consult, design, project manage, implement, customize, train and support. There is no finger pointing when you work with Cornerstone.

We love what we do! And, we think you will too!