SPINS and Cornerstone for Natural Partner to Enhance
ELI Codes™ and Smart Shelf Tags™

Powered by SPINS Product Intelligence, retailers and suppliers can now dynamically upgrade Smart Shelf Tags to help consumers discover products that fulfill their needs


TAMPA, October 15 2021 — SPINS, a leading wellness-focused data, analytics and technology provider in the U.S., and Cornerstone for Natural, the industry’s premier business, accounting, and consumer engagement software provider, have partnered to enhance Cornerstone’s ELI Code™ and Smart Shelf Tag™ solutions.

Smart Shelf Tags are retail shelf tags equipped with patented ELI Codes, that when scanned by a smartphone, display rich and exciting digital content such as videos, PDFs, web content, images, and product content & attributes to engage and educate in-store shoppers. Smart Shelf Tags also support retailers by providing an effective and inexpensive way for suppliers to train their retailer’s in-store associates to help make them more knowledgeable and passionate about the products they sell.

Cornerstone will incorporate SPINS Product Intelligence data to its solution to help retailers easily implement Smart Shelf Tags for their private label products and to equip suppliers with a cost-effective solution to add advanced product content to their ELI Codes.

“SPINS is excited to be partnering with Cornerstone on this innovative solution,” says Jay Lovelace, Chief Commercial Officer at SPINS. “Retailers know their success comes from differentiation, and that’s what their passionate customers are looking for. Smart Shelf Tags help retailers predict and provide dynamic product assortments that meets their shopper’s dietary needs, health goals, and so much more.”

“We are thrilled to have SPINS as a partner moving forward,” says Dave Boos, Cornerstone’s CEO. “Together we will be bringing the most important information to consumers about products on the shelves of marketplaces all over the US. A better-informed shopper can make better decisions about which products are best for themselves and their families and pets. The information ELI Smart Shelf Tags present in stores will continually provide shoppers the most up-to-date information about each product in order to help us all enjoy a happier and healthier life.”


SPINS is a leading provider of retail consumer insights, analytics and consulting for the Health and Wellness industry, we strive to transform raw data into intelligent and actionable business solutions. Our mission is to maximize the value of information for growing the industry. We carry out our mission by providing information, insight and a common language for the industry with which to understand and analyze consumer, retail and broad marketplace dynamics.


About Cornerstone for Natural
Cornerstone is a leading provider of SAP Business One solution ERP software that helps to better run and manage every aspect of business; from sales, e-commerce, CRM, manufacturing, distribution, accounting, barcoding/QR codes, and much more. Cornerstone for Natural™ (www.CornerstoneForNatural.com), a division of Cornerstone Consulting, Inc., is the natural product industry’s premier provider of Business Management Software solutions.  Their ELI Code Technology helps its clients communicate rich product content easily and accurately and their modular Business Management Software systems help their clients be more efficient, productive and profitable by connecting, integrating, tracking and reporting on all aspects of their business operations.  Cornerstone for Natural created Smart Shelf Tags to help retailers and suppliers better communicate product benefits, engage shoppers, and retail in-store shoppers.

Cornerstone for Natural Launches In-Store Touch-Less Aisle Tags™ to reduce the Spread of COVID-19 at Retail.

(Tampa, FL – July 16, 2020) Touch-Less Aisle Tags slow the spread of COVID-19 within a retail store by reducing the number of times shoppers need to handle products before purchasing them.

To help our natural, organic, and specialty product retails protect their customers and employees against the spread of COVID-19 in their stores, Cornerstone for Natural™ launched the industry’s first In-Store Touch-Less Aisle Browsing™ solution.

Consumer reaction to this solution has been overwhelmingly positive. Shoppers appreciate retailers taking additional and novel approaches to keeping them safe.

Every time a shopper handles a retail item to read the label, they run the risk of spreading COVID-19 to the next item they touch, and so on. Touch-Less Aisle Tags display important product information on shoppers’ smartphones allowing them to view ingredients, nutritional information, images, and more all without requiring the shoppers to unnecessarily handle the item – until they are ready to purchase it.

Touch-Less Aisle Tags™ also make it easier for shoppers to read the labels and identify ingredients they want to avoid whether it be diet-specific, or allergy related.

Cornerstone has already created Touch-Less Aisle Tags™ for over 100,000 items in the marketplace.

• With more shoppers looking to natural, organic, and specialty products to help them through the COVID-19 crisis, Touch-Less Aisle Tags™ are timely and necessary.

• With so many products being out-of-stock, consumers are flocking to products and brands with which they are not familiar.

• With consumers focused on underlying health concerns that could make COVID-19 even more serious, consumers are focusing their attention on healthier lifestyles.

With fears of visiting doctor offices, emergency rooms, and pharmacies, consumers are gravitating to health-focused retailers for additional ways to stay healthy.

To view a 3 ½-minute overview presentation, please visit: www.CornerstoneForNatural.com/touch-less3

For more information about Touch-Less Aisle Tags, please visit: www.CornerstoneForNatural.com/touch-less

Media Contact: David Williams / EVP of Business Development at Cornerstone for Natural / David.Williams@Cornerstone1.com / (813) 321-1300

UPDATED: Free ELI Codes During COVID-19 Pandemic – Billing Suspended

Cornerstone Continues to Offer Free Product-Based Enhanced QR Codes During COVID-19 Pandemic to Help Natural Product Industry Suppliers with Social Distance Business and Travel Bans and Suspends Billing for All Existing ELI Code Clients.

Originally announced on March 17, 2020 – Cornerstone for Natural™ is providing Natural Product suppliers free access to its ELI Code technology platform, including its enhanced services, to help them easily communicate product information with their retailers, distributors and brokers in the face of COVID-19. Existing ELI Code client billings have been suspended during the crisis.
ELI Codes™ are enhanced QR codes assigned to products within the Natural, Organic, and Specialty Industry, based on UPC number, that when scanned by a smartphone, displays valuable product content such as images, nutritional information, ingredients, allergens, certifications, weights and dimensions, and more! Through its partnership with IX-ONE, Cornerstone has built nearly 100,000 ELI Codes to date.
“When we first announced the free enhanced ELI codes and suspended billing a few weeks ago; we were inundated with requests and kind gestures,” added David Williams, Cornerstone’s EVP of Business Development. “We’ve redeployed our staff to help us process the requests we are receiving each day and hope additional requests will continue to come in.”
Suppliers within the Natural, Organic and Specialty Products industry rely on face-to-face events to promote their products to retailers, distributors, and brokers. From trade shows to meetings; in-person events are frequently used to create buzz, convey benefits, and entice purchasing. However, given the country’s paralysis from COVID-19, in-person meetings are not happening. Web-based presentation and video conferencing technology is helpful, but not effective for quick dissemination of product information to multiple partners simultaneously.
To help our friends and colleagues within the industry, Cornerstone has taken the extraordinary step of making its entire ELI Code technology platform available to our supplier community to help them easily share their exciting and essential product content with their trading partners during the COVID-19 pandemic. ELI Codes can be added to sell sheets, catalogs, or virtually any collateral. ELI Codes are smaller than a postage stamp but hold limitless amounts of valuable content. Best of all, trading partners will only need their smartphone to unlock all of that rich content.
In addition to the content included within the standard ELI Code solution, Cornerstone will also include two additional customized content links.
“We really wanted to step up and help,” says David Boos, CEO of Cornerstone Consulting, Inc., Cornerstone for Natural’s parent company. “Especially in light of the postponement of Expo West and the need for social distancing. I’m thrilled we are in a position to help.”

Click on the video below for a brief overview and explanation.


About Cornerstone for Natural
Cornerstone for Natural™, a division of Cornerstone Consulting, Inc., is the natural product industry’s premier provider of Business Management Software solutions.

Our ELI Code Technology helps our clients communicate rich product content easily and accurately. ELI Codes are enhanced QR codes assigned to retail products within the natural product sector and pre-populated with verified content.

Our modular Business Management Software systems integrate the main functional areas of an organization’s business processes into a unified system. We help our clients be more efficient, productive and profitable by connecting, integrating, tracking and reporting on all aspects of their business operations. Our on-premise and cloud-based solutions are tailored specifically to meet the needs and the priorities of the discerning and passionate clients we serve.

Cornerstone for Natural™ specializes in small, medium and large organizations within the natural product space.

For more information visit http://www.CornerstoneForNatural.com