Cornerstone for Natural Launches In-Store Touch-Less Aisle Tags™ to reduce the Spread of COVID-19 at Retail.

(Tampa, FL – July 16, 2020) Touch-Less Aisle Tags slow the spread of COVID-19 within a retail store by reducing the number of times shoppers need to handle products before purchasing them.

To help our natural, organic, and specialty product retails protect their customers and employees against the spread of COVID-19 in their stores, Cornerstone for Natural™ launched the industry’s first In-Store Touch-Less Aisle Browsing™ solution.

Consumer reaction to this solution has been overwhelmingly positive. Shoppers appreciate retailers taking additional and novel approaches to keeping them safe.

Every time a shopper handles a retail item to read the label, they run the risk of spreading COVID-19 to the next item they touch, and so on. Touch-Less Aisle Tags display important product information on shoppers’ smartphones allowing them to view ingredients, nutritional information, images, and more all without requiring the shoppers to unnecessarily handle the item – until they are ready to purchase it.

Touch-Less Aisle Tags™ also make it easier for shoppers to read the labels and identify ingredients they want to avoid whether it be diet-specific, or allergy related.

Cornerstone has already created Touch-Less Aisle Tags™ for over 100,000 items in the marketplace.

• With more shoppers looking to natural, organic, and specialty products to help them through the COVID-19 crisis, Touch-Less Aisle Tags™ are timely and necessary.

• With so many products being out-of-stock, consumers are flocking to products and brands with which they are not familiar.

• With consumers focused on underlying health concerns that could make COVID-19 even more serious, consumers are focusing their attention on healthier lifestyles.

With fears of visiting doctor offices, emergency rooms, and pharmacies, consumers are gravitating to health-focused retailers for additional ways to stay healthy.

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