UPDATED: Free ELI Codes During COVID-19 Pandemic – Billing Suspended

Cornerstone Continues to Offer Free Product-Based Enhanced QR Codes During COVID-19 Pandemic to Help Natural Product Industry Suppliers with Social Distance Business and Travel Bans and Suspends Billing for All Existing ELI Code Clients.

Originally announced on March 17, 2020 – Cornerstone for Natural™ is providing Natural Product suppliers free access to its ELI Code technology platform, including its enhanced services, to help them easily communicate product information with their retailers, distributors and brokers in the face of COVID-19. Existing ELI Code client billings have been suspended during the crisis.
ELI Codes™ are enhanced QR codes assigned to products within the Natural, Organic, and Specialty Industry, based on UPC number, that when scanned by a smartphone, displays valuable product content such as images, nutritional information, ingredients, allergens, certifications, weights and dimensions, and more! Through its partnership with IX-ONE, Cornerstone has built nearly 100,000 ELI Codes to date.
“When we first announced the free enhanced ELI codes and suspended billing a few weeks ago; we were inundated with requests and kind gestures,” added David Williams, Cornerstone’s EVP of Business Development. “We’ve redeployed our staff to help us process the requests we are receiving each day and hope additional requests will continue to come in.”
Suppliers within the Natural, Organic and Specialty Products industry rely on face-to-face events to promote their products to retailers, distributors, and brokers. From trade shows to meetings; in-person events are frequently used to create buzz, convey benefits, and entice purchasing. However, given the country’s paralysis from COVID-19, in-person meetings are not happening. Web-based presentation and video conferencing technology is helpful, but not effective for quick dissemination of product information to multiple partners simultaneously.
To help our friends and colleagues within the industry, Cornerstone has taken the extraordinary step of making its entire ELI Code technology platform available to our supplier community to help them easily share their exciting and essential product content with their trading partners during the COVID-19 pandemic. ELI Codes can be added to sell sheets, catalogs, or virtually any collateral. ELI Codes are smaller than a postage stamp but hold limitless amounts of valuable content. Best of all, trading partners will only need their smartphone to unlock all of that rich content.
In addition to the content included within the standard ELI Code solution, Cornerstone will also include two additional customized content links.
“We really wanted to step up and help,” says David Boos, CEO of Cornerstone Consulting, Inc., Cornerstone for Natural’s parent company. “Especially in light of the postponement of Expo West and the need for social distancing. I’m thrilled we are in a position to help.”

Click on the video below for a brief overview and explanation.


About Cornerstone for Natural
Cornerstone for Natural™, a division of Cornerstone Consulting, Inc., is the natural product industry’s premier provider of Business Management Software solutions.

Our ELI Code Technology helps our clients communicate rich product content easily and accurately. ELI Codes are enhanced QR codes assigned to retail products within the natural product sector and pre-populated with verified content.

Our modular Business Management Software systems integrate the main functional areas of an organization’s business processes into a unified system. We help our clients be more efficient, productive and profitable by connecting, integrating, tracking and reporting on all aspects of their business operations. Our on-premise and cloud-based solutions are tailored specifically to meet the needs and the priorities of the discerning and passionate clients we serve.

Cornerstone for Natural™ specializes in small, medium and large organizations within the natural product space.

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