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Fresh Thyme Market Partners With Cornerstone for Natural to Enhance Their Natural Living Shelf Tags with ELI Codes


By adding ELI Codes to our Natural Living shelf tags, we will be helping our shoppers make better informed buying decisions in-store while allowing our supplier partners to provide digital content to best present their products to our shoppers.

When scanned by a consumer via their smartphone, ELI Codes display important product information and content to enhance the consumer overall shopping experience.

Supplier support in this endeavor is critical to our mutual successes. By upgrading the content displayed when a shopper scans an ELI Code associated with one of our items, our suppliers will have the opportunity to communicate directly to them with video, PDFs, links to your website, images, and more. This is a terrific opportunity to help showcase your products!

These exciting ELI Codes can be enhanced to include product videos, documents, URL links, audio files, and images – it’s the next best thing to being there in person!

In addition to enhancing our shoppers’ experiences; our staff will use these ELI Codes to a) learn more about your products and b) better explain your products and their benefits to potential consumers.

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