ELI Codes and Smart Shelf Tags Webinar Series



Mastering the In-store Experience with
ELi Codes™ and Smart Shelf Tags™

ELi Codes, when scanned by a smartphone, display rich product content to enhance the in-store shopper experience.

By adding ELI Codes to their retail shelf tags (Smart Shelf Tags™), retailers are empowering their shoppers make better informed buying decisions in-store while allowing their supplier partners to provide rich and exciting digital content to best promote their products.

In addition to enhancing shopper experiences, in-store retail staff use these same ELi Codes to learn more about the products they sell and how better promote and explain them to potential consumers.

By enhancing the content displayed when a shopper scans an ELi Code associated with a retail product, suppliers will have the opportunity to communicate directly to their consumers with videos, PDFs, URL links, images, and more.

Suppliers: How will your products be represented at retail when a shopper scans an Eli Code on a Smart Shelf Tag associated with one of your products?

Retailers: In-store shoppers demand product information. Without Smart Shelf Tags, where will they look for it?

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