In-Store Touch-Less Aisle Browsing™


Help your shoppers Touch-Less to Learn More!™

… and Buy More and Be Safe



Help reduce the spread of COVID-19 by reducing the number of times retail packages are handled by customers before they are purchased.

Show your customers you will take every step possible to keep them and their families safe.

A recent consumer survey conducted by C + R Research revealed:
    • 60% of American shoppers are afraid of the grocery store.
    • 35% believe grocery stores are not doing enough to protect them from COVID-19.
    • 88% were unable to find items they normally purchase.
    • 47% have changed their diet or eating habits.


It is time! Consumers are signaling. Are we listening?
    • They are afraid.
    • They are changing their diet/eating habits (exploring unfamiliar items).
    • They can’t find their ‘usual’ brands (exploring unfamiliar ones).
    • They don’t think retailers are doing enough to keep them safe.


In-Store Touch-Less Aisle Browsing™ Shelf Talkers will help your shoppers access important product content without having to overly handle products to make their purchasing decision.

Touch-Less means Safer Shopping.

(for your employees, your customers and your community)

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 There are over 100,000 ELI Codes available today with more being added daily.

 ELI enabled Touch-Less Aisle Browsing shelf tags are the only comprehensive and turn-key solution available for the Natural, Organic, and Specialty Product Industry.
 ELI Codes are initially built from IX-ONE data and images and can be upgraded to include additional and custom content.
(Programs for non-IX-ONE suppliers available as well.)

Retailers: Add Touch-Less Aisle Browsing shelf talkers to show your customers and your employees that you are committed to reducing the spread of COVID-19.


Easy Implementation

  • Choose which products you want to enhance with Touch-Less Aisle Browsing shelf talkers.  Best Sellers?  New Items?  Certain Categories?  (Need help?  We can help.)
  • Signage and floor stickers are available to educate your customers about your commitment to their health and safety (and how to scan a Touch-Less Aisle Browsing shelf talker).


Show your consumers and employees you are committed to keeping them healthy

  • Reduce product handling.
  • Reduce the spread of COVID-19.
  • Show your customers that you take their health and safety seriously enough to implement Touch-Less Aisle Browsing.


Help educate your shoppers

  • With certain products becoming more and more scarce, consumers are flocking to products and brands with which they are not familiar. This results in significantly more product handling before making a purchase.
  • With consumers focused on underlying health concerns that could make surviving COVID-19 more difficult, consumers are focusing their attention on healthier lifestyles.
  • With fears of visiting doctor offices, emergency rooms, and pharmacies, consumers are gravitating to health-focused retailers for additional ways to stay healthy.
  • Timid shoppers are more reluctant to ask for information – make it easy for them to understand your unique products and services.



Suppliers: Support your retailers by ensuring they have the most current and complete content available when their consumers scan their ELI Enabled Touch-Less Aisle Browsing Shelf Talkers.