In-Store Touch-Less Aisles™

Welcome to the industry’s first and only In-Store Touch-Less Aisle™ Solution.


Touch-Less Aisle Browsing™ is elegant in its simplicity.  Slow the spread of COVID-19 by reducing the number of times shoppers have to handle retail products while shopping in-store.  In addition to slowing the spread of COVID-19, Touch-Less Aisle Browsing™ also shows your consumers you are committed to their health and safety.
Since debuting this amazing concept, we have been humbled by requests for more information and copies of our presentation, so we recorded our last webinar and made it available here.  See if you are as excited as we (and so many industry members) are.
As an industry of innovators and pioneers, it should come as no surprise that together we’re leading the way… again!

Touch-Less Aisle Browsing™ is a
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According to a recent survey conducted by C+R Research:

•60% of American shoppers are afraid of the grocery store
•35% believe grocery stores are not doing enough to protect them from COVID-19
•88% were unable to find items they normally purchase
•47% have changed their diet or eating habits


Retailers – for less than the price of plexiglass…
Suppliers – for less than the price of an ad in a trade publication…
Help slow the spread of COVID-19 and show your consumers you are listening to them.