Successful Businesses Overcome Challenges, We Help

There are plenty of distractions and obstructions in your business impeding sales, sapping profits and preventing you from pursuing your passions (the very reasons you do what you do). We help by providing world-class Business Management Software to bring efficiency to your systems and actionable information to your operations. We reduce double-entry, tracking sheets, reporting delays, out of stocks, over-stocks, and excuses.

There are many reasons to talk to us. Here are the most common:

Plagued by Chargeback and Deduction Processing

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Inaccurate Inventory/Production Forecasts

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Lacking Timely and Reliable Data to Make Decisions

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Inadequate Personnel and Benefits Management Systems

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Manually Re-Entering Data From One System to Another

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Buried in Spreadsheets, Trackers, and Forms

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Outdated Accounting or Planning Software

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Ill-Prepared for a New Large/Demanding Client

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Planning a Capital Infusion or Change of Ownership

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Burdened by Compliance Issues

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Losing Business Due to Inflexibility

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Growing Faster Than Your Business Systems Can Support

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Everybody Wins When Your Systems Work Together

Click on a video below to see how Cornerstone For Natural™ can help you and your natural product business.

Steve – The Business Owner

Blaze – The Sales Manager

Britnni – The Marketing Manager

Introducing ELI Codes


The natural and organic space is unique. It is inhabited by people with unwavering passion. A passion to help, to innovate, to heal, to preserve. Often our industry’s products and solutions contradict traditional thinking, but we know we’re making a difference! Cornerstone is proud to work with you, side by side, to help empower your passion – that’s our passion.

With over 36 years of success and quite a bit of passion of our own, we are equipped and ready to help. We understand the natural product space and share your devotion to it.

Cornerstone for Natural™ provides the leading Business Management Software solution created exclusively for the natural product industry. Built on the world’s most recognized financial software solution, SAP Business One, Cornerstone for Natural™ streamlines your disjoined functional business units, allowing you to manage your business from one unified solution. In addition to the substantial time and money savings realized, the real-time, consolidated reporting and analytics drive better decision making across the entire organization.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Fundamentally, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is a solution to a very common problem. When the various core business functions within an organization are (or become) detached from each other, you become inefficient and your decision-making abilities suffer.

ERP is the process of bringing together all the core business functions into one unified and accessible system. It eliminates double-entry, speeds up reporting, increases accuracy, aids planning and collaboration, removes excuses and facilitates better decision making.

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Cornerstone For Natural

We love the natural product space. We are users and we are fans. We are truly committed to the industry and determined to help it thrive. We are experts at helping small, medium and large natural product companies implement and upgrade their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.

Cornerstone has the resources and expertise to handle your project from inception to completion.

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At Cornerstone For Natural™, our goal is not to convince you to buy a Business Management Software (or Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP) solution. Instead, it is to be the trusted resource you turn to when you are ready to consider a new system for your natural product business. We don’t hound, hassle, or harass – we simply educate, demonstrate, and advocate. We promise to respect your time and your budget. We are ardent in our desire to help the industry thrive.

From inception to completion, we are with you every step of the way. Many of the implementations we complete are implementations we didn’t start.

Choosing a solution provider is as important as choosing the solution itself! While we’re extremely proficient at rescuing bad implementations, we are highly adept at designing and implementing the perfect solution for your natural products business. Choose a partner that is as focused on your success as you are. Choose Cornerstone.

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